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Peeks Early-Bird Lifetime Deal

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Why isn't your landing page converting? Is it truly explaining what you are offering and why your visitors should care?

Or maybe there's a sneaky bug somewhere preventing them from signing up or even... PAYING? Would you even know?

Look, you want to make it as easy and frictionless as possible to get insanely valuable feedback. Actionable feedback is truly like the oil of the maker world. Knowing what your customers think is crucial in cranking up MRR. Otherwise how would you know what to focus on? What to build?

But relying on random Twitter DMs or expecting your visitors to go through all the trouble of digging around for contact details is not the best way of going about it.

Chat widgets aren't necessarily the answer either, since those imply having to engage in a protracted back-and-forth conversation. And maybe they'll spam me afterwards. Too tedious. Too much commitment. "Lemme just close this tab."

Peeks Feedback Widget

I'm Rik and I'm building Peeks Feedback as a tool to solve exactly these kind of problems, problems that I've personally experienced as a solo-founder.

Peeks Feedback is a simple, no-nonsense widget that aims to uncover what your landing page visitors are really thinking, so that you can optimise your marketing funnel and proposition with real data.

It's a small code embed in your site(or a link to a personalised feedback form for your newsletter) which makes it easy for your people to send you valuable feedback, ideas or suggestions.

It's purposely built to be simple and terse, so that your visitors can feel free to tell you what's on their minds without any concerns about privacy or committing to more than they feel comfortable with.

They get to quickly share their thoughts and you get said thoughts delivered straight to your email.

Life Time Deal

I want to gauge interest in Peeks as a public tool, so I'm offering a couple of early-bird Lifetime Deals as a test.

If I can manage to get a total of $150 from lifetime deals, Peeks will go public and LTD holders will get to be instrumental in defining what the final product would look like(yes, this is not even its final form!)

If I don't reach my $150 goal in 2 months(by end September 2022) I will refund everyone who paid and just make Peeks an internal tool, so no sweat from your side.

Grab your LTD to Peeks Feedback now!

  • LTD holders will only pay once and never again. For the entire life of the product, as long as their accounts are active.
  • Be an active voice in the product dev of Peeks, and have your feature & support requests get priority top.
  • Use Peeks on up to 5 different domains/properties.
  • Gather positive encouragement and testimonials
  • Learn why some visitors don't sign up and why some customers churn
  • Get bug reports to reduce embarrassment and increase confidence
  • Million-dollar feature requests & ideas, by your own audience, delivered straight to your inbox

Lifetime Deals will be limited

This is a one-time offer only, and will be available in the following batches:

  • 5 licences @ $+0 SOLD OUT!
  • 5 licences @ $+10 SOLD OUT!
  • 5 licences @ $+20 SOLD OUT!
  • 5 licences @ $+50 - SOLD OUT!
  • 5 licences @ $+100

After these batches sell out, Peeks will become a subscription based product.

After you've received your license, just register on https://app.peeksapp.com and active your LTD on the accounts page

Buy a LTD now, and never pay a single cent for customer feedback again - for life.

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Pay once, never again. Be actively involved in Peeks product development. Get priority feature & support. Use on up to 5 different domains. Positive feedback & testimonials. Reduce signup friction & churn. Timely bug reports. Get feature requests & ideas from your own audience.


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Peeks Early-Bird Lifetime Deal

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