Biztorm Nov 22 - Full Session

Rik Nieu
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This is the first, full Biztorm Session

  • Did you spot someone working on a really clever product that you just wish you thought of first?
  • Do you find it hard to creatively through the possible business applications for all the cool things happening around you?
  • Does coming up with a product differentiation strategy feel just impossible to figure out?

Well I really struggle with this too. So I decided to get intentional about it, and force myself to sit down and methodically brainstorm the possible business applications for the coolest current developments in tech world and beyond.

I am actively working on(and continually improving) a framework for brainstorming creative business ideas and product differentiation strategies, and these bi-weekly full reports will be the fruits of my labour.

Fruits that you can get to profit off too.

This first full session of Biztorm expands on the free newsletter to give you even more food for thought.

So prepare to niche down and differentiate even more!

In this issue we'll unpack;

  1. Contiki tours for Digital Nomads
  2. Art generated with Stable Diffusion
  3. Collaborative authoring between authors and their readers
  4. Airbnb for co-working spaces
  5. Rewards App for small businesses

This session has 65+ additional expansions & ideas!

Previous sessions will automatically discount with the release of every new addition. This means fresh sessions will go for a premium price(time to market and speed of executing is hella important, after all) and previous ones will become progressively cheaper, until they reach a set base price.

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65+ additional ideas based the original 5


Biztorm Nov 22 - Full Session

0 ratings
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